Gail Behrendsen Philman



Transfer from South High in Denver 

and Central High in Omaha




Greeting from Skagway, Alaska

I'm finally in Alaska! My dream that took 45 years to become a reality---!



But I should bring you up to date. In 92,we sold our company and house in Denver and jumped into living fulltime in our RV. A wonderful life, meet great people, see such interesting towns and buildings.....and certainly take in the wonderful natural beauty of this country.

We've had a marvelous time!  Memories I wouldn't trade. And it still is, but now its different and I'm doing it as a single, my husband passed away 2 years ago.

I've joined the RV single groups, we travel together, but drive our separate rigs. I'm up in Alaska for the summer, but wondering if I could live a whole year up here...

Some times my cell phone works, but basically I do POCKETMAIL. Its a little hand held keyboard that transmits and receives via a payphone. Its small only 4000 characters at a time, no frills or add ons.....

Well.... happy reunion you-all, love to hear from you via-----



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