Nancy Berry Trout

"Big Fisherman"


Student Council Officer 55,56; 

Cheerleader 55,56;  lee Club 53,54,55,56: 

Homecoming 1st Attendant 54; Junior Play 54



It is so hard to remember fifty years of life that went so fast. I hardly had time to ‘smell the roses”. Like everyone else, my life has been fast paced and busy.


The summer after graduation I met my husband to be, Jim Trout. I entered William Jeweli that fall and he was always with me. After two years at JeweIl I decided I didn’t want to teach so I quit college and went to work at Hallmark Cards downtown K.C. I also got married that year (1958). We lived on the Plaza and then moved to the Garden Apartments in NKC as did several of our friends.


In 1961 our first son, Troy, was born. We then bought a house in Liberty that same year. Our son Tim was born in 1963 and finally a daughter, Tracy, in 1965. That completed our family. By the time they were in High School the wheels on my ‘taxi” were hot. Troy was in swimming and tennis, Tim was in basketball and football and Tracy was in cheerleading and band. Those were very busy years.

While the kids were young I worked with the Liberty School System in Learning Disabilities. Later I worked in clothing and gift retail. I started working for the State in the Clay County Circuit Clerks Office in 1986 and was divorced that same year. My sister and I started a handbag business. We bought our handbags from manufacturers in New York and had several reps who sold to different stores. I made several trips to New York and enjoyed the good life. It was an exciting three years in my life.

In 1990 I met C.W. Stessman (Assist. Principal at Liberty High School) and we have been together for the past 15 years. Not married but enjoy many good times and trips.

I retired from the Circuit Clerk’s Office in 2003 and presently work part time as a Court Clerk at Pleasant Valley Municipal Court.

One of the highlights of my life was my recent trip to England and Paris with my sister. We had a great time and saw alt the sights we should (even Mona Lisa). It was especially interesting for us as we found our “heritage home” called Baddsley-Clinton in England. Our distant relatives

owned this huge home (like a castle) for 12 generations and it was sold to the National Tmst in

1970. They now give tours there.

I have four beautiful grandchildren and I’m not prejudiced. Troy has three, Robert 8 and twins Joe and Alex 8. Tracy has a daughter, Tieman, who will be 3 in Feb. Troy and Tracy live in Liberty and Tim lives in Sarasota, Fl. My Dad passed away in 2002 at age 96 and my Mom is still living at home in fairly good health.

Life is good but it hasn’t slowed down much. Wish we had another 50 years.

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