1938 - 1981

Arthur Carder



Student Council Officer 55,56; L Club

 53,54,55,56; Football 54,55,56; Football

 Co-Captain 55; Track 5



                  Art Carder                                                      

                                                                               (Remembered by Mike Maloney)

Art was another occasional after midnight on Saturday night visitor at the Super Saver filling station.  Late night bull sessions can take serious turns, even when the participants are two high school boys.

Art was the standard against which the rest of us fellows were measured.  He was a standout athlete in football, basketball and track and a scholar to boot.  He got an E from Mrs. LaFrenz.  You will recall
that she took the words the letter grades stood for to mean what they said.  If you got an S, you darn well were Superior.  Not many can be superior before the term loses its meaning.  So just getting an S was an accomplishment.  I donít know of anyone else in the Class that was in fact Excellent, and thereby earned the toughest grade in the school.

After high school, I got to spend four more years with Art at William Jewell.  He remained a scholar athlete, but cut back on the sports.  He ran the hurdles in track and was a four year starter on the football team.  One or more of those years, college football had a limited substitution rule.  The reason that is impressive is that the starters had to play offense and defense.  A player who came off the field had to stay off for a good long while. Medical school at Washington University in St. Louis followed college.  His residency program in the specialty area of ear, nose and throat was carried out at the Mayo Clinic.

Art and his college sweetheart, Toni Bolenbaugh, were married in 1962.He served his country in the Air Force from 1964 to 1968 as a flight surgeon with the rank of Captain.

The three Carder children arrived between 1965 and 1970.  They are Steve, who is now a doctor in Liberty, David, who is now a corporate consultant, and Amy who is now an English language learner teacher at the elementary level in Iowa.

Art practiced medicine in the Kansas City metropolitan area from 1971 until his death in 1981.

NOVEMBER 1, 2000       This article copied from Liberty Schools Quick News e-mail letter.

Hall of Fame start at LHS
Three of the recent inductees in the William Jewell Sports Hall have ties to Liberty Senior High School.  Frank J. Chrane graduated from LHS in 1933.  Art Carder graduated from LHS in 1956, and Fred Flook once taught at Liberty High School.  Kudos to all!  Steve Carder, LHS class of 1984, accepted the award for his father.

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