Faye Cates Martin



Spectator Staff 54; Librarian 54,55,56; 

Pep Club 54,55,56; Junior Play 54.


I've spent all of my working career in customer service, retiring from full time employment in 2001.  I currently work two days a week, and with my other activities is just about right.  Jim Martin and I have been married for forty-four years, and two years ago renewed our vows.  Jim started to work for the Veterans Administration thirty years ago and is still working full time.

We have three daughters, Wendy, born in 1962, Lori, born in 1964, and Brian, born in 1965.  Wendy, who lives in Independence, has three children.  Amanda, 21, is a senior at Ottawa University on a Basketball scholarship. Amber, 19 is a freshman at William Jewell.  She received an academic and cheerleading scholarship and is a varsity cheerleader.  Austin, is 7 and a first grader.  Lori lives in Lake Ozark, and Brian in Independence.

We feel extremely fortunate to be able to watch our granddaughters play basketball and cheerlead, and spend time with Austin.


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