John Claude Douglas



 Football 55; Track 55: Prom Committee 54


I worked for a furniture manufacturer for two years following high school.  In 1958 I started work with Harvey Evans Surveyor, in Liberty then joined the U S Air Force in 1960.  Following technical training in Aircraft Control & Warning, at Biloxi, MS, I was assigned to a NORAD (North American Air Defense Command) McChord AFB, WA, until my release in 1964.

I rejoined Evans and worked as a surveyor in the Kansas City area until 1978.  A couple of the more interesting job were surveying for the new Kansas City International Airport and Hallmark Distribution Center. 

I moved to Springfield, MO in 1978, working as a surveyor.  I married Juanita Propst in 1985, and we moved to Independence, MO in 1987.  During this time they were closing the Minuteman Silos and I participated in a survey of several sites, which was required for their shut-down.  Juanita passed away in 1990. 

I moved to Nevada, MO in 1990 and started my own Surveyor Office.  The following year I was appointed County Surveyor by the governor.  I married Mary Cooper in 1994, and was re-elected to two additional four year terms as County Surveyor.  I sold my office in 1999 and worked part-time with the new owner until my stroke in 2004.  I've slowed down considerably, but am doing ok.


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