Larry Elliott



Class Officer 55; Band Officer 56; Football 55,56; Track 53,54 55,56; Basketball, 53,54,55,56.


In the fall of 1956 I entered William Jewell College and majored in biology and minored in chemistry. After graduation I entered The University of Wisconsin, Madison on a teaching assistantship and majored in microbiology. I married Wilma August 25, 1961. In the spring of 1965 I graduated with a PhD in microbiology. I was hired by Western Kentucky University (WKU) for the fall of 1965. After graduation in the spring, we lived with my parents while I worked in microbiology at the Kansas University Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas.


That fall I started as a microbiology assistant professor in the biology department at WKU.

Kerrie was born in 1966, Kimberly 1967 and Kelly 1971. I was promoted to associated professor and then full professor and during this time have served on numerous departmental, college, university and state-wide committees. Highlights would be a member of the committee which started cooperative education at WKU. I helped start Tri Beta, honorary biology club, at WKU having been a member at William Jewell, and started the Medical Technology Club. I served as co-advisor of both clubs until my optional retirement. I served on the Board of the Kentucky Academy of Science for eight years and became President. I had a sabbatical leave to do research at the University of Kansas and had fellowships to do research at the University of Iowa and the University of Louisville for two summers. The whole family enjoyed living on the lake while I taught Aquatic Microbiology at the Tech Aqua consortium for three summers in Tennessee.


My daughters are married and Dr. Kerrie McDaniel is now a member of the biology department at WKU. She and Dale have two children, Christopher and Sarah. Kimberly, a nurse, and her family also live in Bowling Green and have two children Carder and Aby. Kelly is a pediatrician and has one daughter, Audrey. My mother lives in Bowling Green six houses down the street from us. We all go to First Baptist Church and are busy in many activities too numerous to mention. Wilma and I enjoy being grandparents and especially since the grandchildren are close by. I am in my fourth year of five in optional retirement. I am entirely too young to be going to my 50th high school reunion in Liberty.


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