Patty Fightmaster Smith



Guidance Office 55,56; F.H.A. 55,56; Pep Club 55,56.


I marred David Smith in 1960.  Two years later he went to work in Air Traffic Control (ATC) for the FAA.  We moved to Chicago in 1962 where he worked at the Midway airport.  We returned to the Kansas City area where David worked at the ATC facility in Olathe. 

In 1966 we moved to Maui, HI where he worked for a couple of years, then to Honolulu for two years.  In 1970 he was transferred to Lambert Field, in St. Louis where worked until  his retirement in 1989.  During this time, which was before soccer moms had been invented, I spent my time making sure the kids were at soft ball practice, cub scouts, brownies, etc. 

We have three children, Michael, born in 1963, Cheryl Ann, born in 1967, and Debbie, born in 1971.  Michael lives in Jefferson City, MO and has two children, Kayla, 11 and Brianna, 9.  Cheryl Ann lives in Shawnee, KS, and has three children, Kelcie, 13, Megan, 12 and Eric, 9.  Debbie lives near us in the St. Louis area. 

Most of my time is occupied with African Violets and quilting.  In addition to growing the violets and making quilts, I've served as a judge in competitions.  David and I will not be attending the reunion since we'll be celebrating our 46th wedding anniversary during the reunion week-end.


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