Dorothy Hair Ogden



Spectator Staff 55,,56; Pep Club Officer 56; 

Twirler 53,54,55,56Trio 55,56; Prom Committee 54.


I guess Thanksgiving is usually a time for review and since

I have just completed angioplasty on the heart vascular system, it

has given me the TIME while recouping.

 Iíll review backwards since memory seems to be one thing to go. Turning 65 was a big shock for me, Medicare, supplemental insurance, and health issue and family genes seem to have mounted up. Also lack of fiscal energy and enthusiasm seem to descend. My life had been busy with 40 years of creative business designing and selling needlepoint to shops around the world and teaching the art of its execution to others. In the course of this activity many cruises around the world with students in tow. Because of this endeavor I have seen a great deal of the world and enjoyed every minute. 

Moved to San Francisco in 1960 having married while at K.U. to Stan Ogden, of Maryville, Mo. Architect. Raised two young men, still unmarried, one living in San Francisco, a photographer for a local magazine and the other living on Big Island Hawaii, as a Landscape and Building Contractor. My marriage lasted 30 years. (I guess I was just too much for him to handle! Well, I donít always have to tell the truth, we did marry too young, as my mother (the Original Dorothy) said Now 100 yr. Old and still advising. He has moved on to Florida with another wife. 

Being raised in the idealizing 50ís after The War, Elvis, T.V., Video, Computers, DVD, and Micro-Everything has given us all many experiences. Then there is 18 years of divorce and independence and self-sufficient-ness that isnít all it is ďcracked up to beĒ Sharing problems, good times, loving moments is whatís most important. Now that we have 50 + years of old school friends to share our tales and be companion with always, (May I Say) itís Good Thing


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