Lonie Hank


 Glee Club 53,54,55,56; A Cappella Choir

 54,55,56; Small Groups 54,55,56; Prom Committee 54.




I attended two years of business school in Kansas City during which I developed a great interest in income taxes.  In 1958 I married Joan Trumbo. We had three daughters who are seventeen months apart. They all live in the greater Kansas City area.



I worked for the US Postal Service for seven years in Liberty, during this time I obtained an insurance license.  The plan was to be able to pay for my own insurance premiums but when my insurance income became greater than my postal income, I went full time into the insurance business.  Which was forty one years ago.

During the childrenís growing up years, Joan and I enjoyed many family vacations, lake activities and various church camps.  Plus we obtained several rental properties.  Joan gave piano lessons for a number of years.  I was devastated in 1990 when Joan died of cancer after a short illness. 

In 1991 I married Sandy Garwood, a long time business associate who has two daughters.  We now have eleven grandchildren. 

Our life is very full of blessing.  We attend two churches each week, Liberty United Methodist where I am a member, and Pleasant Valley Baptist where Sandy is a member.  I still enjoy taxes and helping people with their Estate Planning. 

We tried to retire and moved to a farm north of Liberty ten years ago, but soon found ourselves enjoying the farm work plus we went back into the insurance business. 

I enjoy putting together several travel groups each year, playing cards, going to farm auctions and trading tractors.  I have traveled a lot of miles, but my roots are still Liberty for I have never had a driverís license that didnít read Liberty, MO.

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