1938 - 2005

Nancy Happy Adams



Student Council 53,54;  Glee Club 53,54,55,56; A Cappella Choir 54,55,56;Small Groups 55,56; Prom Committee 54.


Nancy Happy

October 8, 1938 - February 14, 2005


(Remembered by Diane Igoe Mnookin and Martha LaFrenz Kay)


Diane writes: I will always remember Nancy Happy. She was the first girl I met when I moved to Liberty in 1954. Nancy was welcoming and friendly, inviting me to her home and just being nice to the new girl with the Coke bottle glasses. Though we didnít actually have a lot in common and didnít remain close over the years, I will always be grateful to her for her kindness and will always remember Nancy Happy with great fondness. 

Martha adds: During our grade school days, a happy gang of girls frequented Second Baptist Church, not only on Sundays but also during the week for Girlsí Auxiliary, also known as G.A.ís. Bible School was a big event during the summer. Included in the gang were Nancy Happy, Nancy Berry, Maxine Rice, Shirley Corum, JoAnn Mace, Patty Petty, Delores Arnold and yours truly, Martha LaFrenz. Carol Brown and Karol Peterson joined the group later. We enjoyed Bible drills, tasty treats, and lots of giggling. We all had a crush on Art Carder. 

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