James Harris



 F.F.A. 53; L Club 54,55,56; Track 54,55,56.



After graduation I worked with my father in his trucking business, and never got very far away from trucking. I tried to make a business out of a flight school for about 3 years but it would more appropriately be considered an expensive hobby but left me living in Texas. Once again I found myself back in trucking, moving to Indiana for 7 years, and then to St. Louis for 3 years.

I left trucking I thought for good in 1985 and began working with my younger brother in his car wash business. In 1993 I wanted to take life easier and began driving a tour bus, going many places I might not have gone otherwise. After 5 years I needed to stay closer to town to look in on my mother and returned to the trucking business this time driving for a mail contractor transporting your cards, letters and packages to Springfield, MO. 


In the 60's I enjoyed racing sports cars for a few years, after which I started my hobby with airplanes for a brief period. Then came a motorcycle, and later a boat along with the bike.  Now the boat is gone, but the bike remains. When the weather does not permit riding the bike, I can usually be found fairly close to a computer.


In February 2002 I started staying with my mother in her Overland Park home during an ice storm. When the ice melted and the power came on I decided she should not be living alone so I remained there.  In 2003 it became necessary to put mother in an assisted living facility near her home, she remained there until late December 2004 when we moved her to a nursing home where she passed away 7 days later. I had finally sold my home in Belton in 2004 and started calling Overland Park home where I remain today.

Older brother Wayne class of '53 lives in Las Vegas, NV.  Janet (Sam) Carter class of '58 still lives in the K.C. area.Younger brother Dan class of '66 lives in El Paso, TX. My father passed away in 1992. I have remained single somewhat, but not totally by choice.

Plans for retirement

As of this time I am still transporting mail to Springfield two days a week and plan to continue indefinitely. I have remained open to taking some tour bus trips however those opportunities are limited since I have become too selective on which trips I will take. If itís not something fun, I believe Iíll pass.

I enjoy looking up long lost friends and recently have had some very pleasant surprises.

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