Richard Haug



Spectator Staff 56; Track 55,56.




Not much to tell. I Married Bonnie Zuck at age 20. Divorced at 25, after two children. Married Kay, my wife of almost 40 years, at age 27. I worked on several missile systems developments in the 1960's. Came to California in 1962, and am still here.  




I started working with microcomputers in 1971. They were really in their infancy at that time. I wrote programs and instruction manuals in the early days for the microcomputer systems. Later I worked for a high-tech equipment rental company running their computer equipment division. I tried my hand at owning my own computer sales business, but wasn't successful. That was in the early 1980's. A little too early in the market I guess.   

I was hired to teach computers at Chaffey College in 1984. For the next 20 years I taught there. I loved teaching and really hated to leave the business, but we had planned to enjoy our retirement by traveling and enjoying our hobbies.   

I ski a lot in the winter and still do some paragliding in the summers. I also paint, play racketball and love to play cards with the old folks here in our 55+ community. We love to travel and try to move around the world as much as we can afford.

We have two fine children who are successful in their own lives. They live near us and we visit with them regularly.  


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