Sharon Mack Freeman   



Spectator Staff 54,55,56; Student Council 52,53,54,55;

Pep Club Officer 54,55; Cheerleader 55,56;

Court Warming 1st Attendant 55.

Sharon (Mack) Freeman Remarries

2/17/05  Husband of Sharon (Mack) Freeman LHS '56 passed away

Sharon (Mack) Freeman's Daughter


The past ten years have brought many changes in my life. Bill and I moved back to Kansas City in 1998. He was in poor health and the Savannah climate was not helping him. He passed away February 16, 2005. Adjusting to the single life after almost 48 years of marriage is rather difficult.

Laura is 46 and lives in Nashville. She is an Interior Designer with a large furniture company. Joe (only grandson) is in college in St. Louis. He is 20.

Paula (44) and Rick live in Rye, NY and have two daughters. Amber is 9 and Hannah is 7. Of course they are the most wonderful grandchildren in the world.

For the past 8 years I have been employed part-time by Pulte Homes. I love my job and the people I work with. The only problem is I could be their Mother or Grandmother. (HA) Being employed has sure helped me get through the rough times, plus it keeps me young working with young people. I am very active in my church. I was just elected an Elder in the Presbyterian Church that I attend. It will be a lot of work but very rewarding.

My next task will be moving into my new home in December; 2005. Just before Bill passed we purchased a maintenance free Villa in Olathe. It is my third Pulte home. Can hardly wait. I am tired of yard work and keeping up a big house. I plan to do some traveling and go through the rest of life rocking and rolling.


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