Mike Maloney 

"Angel Child"


Student Council President 55,56; Junior Play 54;

Football 55; Track 55,56.


After high school came college at Jewell and law school at UMKC. Bobbie Sarver, LHS ’59, got a new last name in 1960. Our four kids were born between ’61 and ’67. The boys are practicing law. The girls are a teacher and an administrative assistant in the Public Defender’s Office. We have been provided with eight grandchildren who born between ’87 and ’97. In ‘89, Bobbie had had enough of being a stay at home mom and a volunteer worker at her church. She went on the payroll and is now the Director of Childhood Education at the Pleasant Valley Baptist Church. In ’91, Clay County got a new judge, and I couldn’t have been happier about it. Judge Rooney was one of my heroes. My desk used to be his desk. How is that for a dream come true? Missouri judges face mandatory retirement at age 70. So I have a couple of working years to go.

The kids and grandkids all live close enough for us to join them for supper on a work day. Not a holiday or a birthday goes by without family get-togethers. Mom lives self sufficiently in Glenaire. Dad died in ’99 on a Monday. He worked four days of the previous week. 

Each summer, around the middle of July, the whole clan gathers (see photo) at the Aspen Lodge, a few miles south of Estes Park, Colorado. Long’s Peak is our lawn ornament. The upcoming gathering will be the seventh.  It is a great time for the cousins in the latest generation and all those who have contributed to bringing them into this world.

Life is good, but somewhat hectic for two people trying to work full time and be a big part of five other family units. It would be less hectic if we would quit going to Disney World, with and without grandchildren. (See hats in the other photo.)

When it comes to counting blessings, it takes us awhile.

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