1938 - 2007

Ronald McCoy



F.F.A. 53,54,55,56; Football 53,54; Track 55.

For those who would have if they could!

Retirement was just the beginning!

Time line for Ron's illiness


Hi to everyone.

Thom Weddle called and asked me if I had started my bio. I said, No, ďI havenít done anything.Ē He said, ďOh, I bet you did something.Ē So, hereís what Iíve done.


Mary Lou and I have been married 8 years on June 4. We have traveled some. Been to Boston and Fenway Park, to Houston and Minutemaid Park and to Minnesota and Humphrey Done. If you havenít noticed, weíre baseball fans. To Las Vegas 3 times and to Reno. we drove there. Thatís quite a trip. To Disney World in Orlando.

We have Dinner Theater season tickets and free movie passes. We go to lots of movies, when the price is right. We go to some games in Kansas City and to St. Louis. Canít wait to see the new ball park.

We bowl three times a week at Gladstone Bowl. Since 1999, Iíve shot nine 300 games and four 800 series.  Iíve been bowling for 50 years. I think maybe Iíve finally learned a little about the game.

Other than that, we donít do too much. We have planned trips to Branson and St. Louis, Louisville and Cincinnati this summer. And to Kaufman Stadium.


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