Larry McGinnis



Prom Committee 54; Glee Club.



A half century ago, I remember wondering what

 life held for me after high school. 


At first, I didnít venture far from Liberty, living at home and attending William Jewell for two years.  I then moved down the road a bit and attended U. of Missouri at Columbia where I graduated with a B.S. in Accounting.

My first job was with Phillips Petroleum in K.C., then I took a job with Alton Box Board Co. in North Kansas City.   My wife, Kathy, and I married in 1964 and shortly after I went to work for Paccar, Inc. still living in K.C.  I was later transferred to Newark, California, then to a new Kenworth Truck plant in Chillicothe, Ohio.  In 1984, Paccar moved me to Bellevue,  Washington.  Business travel took me to Turkey, Australia, England, Canada and Mexico.

Since retiring in 2000, Kathy and I have enjoyed traveling to Europe, Turkey (again), Peru, China, Costa Rico, New Zealand, Japan and we are planning to go to Africa this October after our youngestís wedding in August.            

We feel blessed to have three of our four children and our three grandchildren living in the Seattle area.  Keeping up with them and their busy lives and activities plus putting in time on the hiking trails, cross country ski trails, golf course and gym remind us that it was indeed a half century ago (at times it seems even longer) that I graduated from L.H.S.

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