Geraldine Schutty Newton



Student Council 53; Pep Club 52,53,54,55;Glee Club 52,53,54,55; A Cappella 52,53,54,55;  Girls' Trio 54,55,56.


I married Francis Newton in 1957 and we spent the next three years in Germany with his Army assignment. We returned to the states in 1960 and settled in Maryland. In 1966 Francis accepted a position with the National Security Agency and we returned to Germany, in civilian status, for three years. We returned to Maryland in 1969 and I obtained a degree in Occupational Therapy in 1970. I worked at Johns Hopkins for two years in Occupational Therapy and Psychiatric Occupational Therapy. The commute became too much and in 1972 I started work for Genesis Health Care Systems in Physical Disability Occupational Therapy. Francis retired in 1997 and we moved to the East Shore of Maryland. I worked one more year, and retired in 1998. Francis is currently president of a maritime museum. 

Francis and I had five children, one who died in an accident in 1977, and currently have sixteen grandchildren.


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